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Insulation Grants

Do you want a more comfortable home and lower energy bills?

Your home is your biggest investment, we at Corrib View Construction Ltd. are aware of the cost of maintaining your home to a warm and comfortable standard. Our range of wall and attic insulation services can help make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. On average, a home loses 20 – 30% of its heat through the walls which rises even further if they are not insulated. Up to 30% can be lost through a poorly insulated attic.

Upgrading your energy efficiency will lower heating bills and have less impact on the environment. As you will be using your heating less, you will also cut down on your greenhouse gas emissions.

The SEAI Better Energy Homes Insulation Grant has helped over 350,000 people reduce their energy bills.

Insulation Grants - Warmer homes with SEAI Grant - Corrib View Construction

Better Energy Homes

Grants to upgrade your home with a range of energy efficiency measures. Open to homeowners and landlords without means testing.

Warmer Homes

Free home upgrades to improve the comfort levels of elderly and vulnerable homeowners (subject to means testing).

Warmth and Wellbeing

Free energy efficiency improvements for those with a chronic respiratory disease living in energy poverty.

SEAI Grant Values as of 18/09/2017

Building Energy Rating (BER) has to be complete for the SEAI Grant. A Grant of €50 is paid by SEAI towards the cost of the BER on top of above Grant values.

Services we provide that are eligible for grants include:

We can help advise you what insulation grants you may be eligible to apply for to help you achieve a warmer home.

Are you eligible for an SEAI grant?

Grant is only eligible for homes built before 2006.
Grant approval must be in place before works commence.
Grant works must be completed by a SEAI registered contractor.


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